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VegFest Success – People are upgrading their eating habits

Last Sunday I was at VegFest Bristol

It was an amazing event, even better than the previous year!

I did two raw food demos to a packed room, with standing room only

Vegfest RK 3


I love doing raw food demos as many people have no idea just how simple it is to add more tasty and very healthy food to their diet. And yes the food was very tasty, and the feedback amazing, – just look at these queues to try my food!


Vegfset RK 2


Obviously many people who attended the event had a focus on food and here is a breakdown of the information gathered by the hosts of Vegfest:

According to our survey amongst visitors at this weekends event

  • 31% of visitors said they eat meat and/or fish
  • 25% described themselves as vegetarian
  • 42% described themselves as vegan and 2% raw vegan


42% of all people are likely to change their diet as a result of the event (How incredible is this!)

71% of meat and/or fish eaters are likely to change their diet as a result of the event

66% of vegetarians indicated some change

14% of vegans are likely to change their diet (such as incorporating more healthy options, less processed food and adopting a raw vegan diet)


Putting this into actual numbers , taking into account some visitors came both days, the organiser think that:

  • 2000 people who eat meat and dairy likely to change their diets
  • 1500 veggies thinking the same
  • And about 500 people who are vegan inspired to choose some more healthy options

 How amazing is this!

No  matter what you do Рyour choices matter. Make them count

Each person at the event may be thinking ‘What difference can I make’ – But as you can see, when you add all the individual choices together, you create a movement!

A Healthy, Conscious Revolution that continues to grow and go from strength to strength – Are you on board?

There is one more VegFest this year and it’s at Olympia London, for all the details click here