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Redefining Your Food Rules

Food choices should not be about following someone else’s rules, but based on timeless principles tailored just for you, your tastes and your desires.

Let me show you how to discover your unique personal food-style, based on how you want to feel, and how you want to show up in the world.
All while making the most of the food you love and the equipment you already own.

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Rebecca's recent blog posts


What your food choices say about you

Have you ever tried to improve the way that you eat? Maybe you cut out or cut down on some processed and refined foods such as sugar, white flour, foods that come in packets or need microwaving Whenever I have upgraded my diet, done a juice feast or something similar, I always find the first [...]

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Women Eating A Pear

If your food became your clothes would you change your diet?

What we eat becomes part of us. Often we can make poor food choices and it can seem like we get away with it. Imagine that when you are born you are born with a certain ‘bank balance’ of health, vibrancy and Shine. This would mainly be down to your genes and inherited qualities and [...]

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Are You Bored of Courgette Pasta? Try this instead

Courgettes are fantastic to use to make raw ‘pasta’. They are great because they are bland in flavour, so take on the flavour of the ingredients they are served with. Also, once peeled their pale flesh looks like the colour of pasta. Are you ready to try something new? Instead of the bland courgette, why [...]

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The Shining Kitchen

Learn It – Live It – Share It

      The Shining Kitchen is a raw food membership site for people who struggle to know what to eat and don’t have much time to prepare food. But Really? It’s about learning how to nourish yourself with simplicity and ease. The Shining Kitchen is designed for people who value health and good food, [...]

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Ask Rebecca

Ask Rebecca Thursday: Juices Vs Smoothies

I must get asked this question at least once a week:  Which is better for me a juice or a smoothie? Juices and smoothies are both very beneficial for you as you can increase the amount of fruit and veg that you consume, easily and tastily. In fact it is easier for many people to [...]

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