Because being nourished is a beautiful thing

Welcome to Shine on Raw

Raw: Being in a natural condition. Not processed or refined.

This is about your journey to RECONNECT back to your natural condition of health and happiness. To reconnect to the earth, yourself and your body.

It’s time to wake up energised and excited about the day ahead.


When we find ourselves feeling disconnected from our food and the food choices we make, we are often disconnected from ourselves too.

We are no longer connected to the loving and sensory act of nourishing and nurturing our own bodies.

If you have ever struggled with your food choices (and their consequences), see this as an opportunity to reclaim your right to put you first – the ultimate, and ESSENTIAL, act of self-care.

Join me on this adventure as I guide you on a journey of nourishment and self-care.

I’ll show you how you can gently release all of the ‘junk’ from your dinner plate –  which also has the ripple affect of removing the junk from other areas of your life too!

We will release the junk, the harmful habits and patterns that no longer serve you and keep you disconnected from your very TRUTH, the true nature of who you are at your very core. As you do this you reconnect to your self, your desires and your joy.

This is NOT about being 100% raw, or any % raw, this is about finding out what works for you.

Tuning in, listening and HONOURING your inner voice as she becomes louder and you begin to trust her more.

This is about upgrading your food choices in a way that suits you and your lifestyle and understanding that as you do this, you will have the desire to upgrade other areas of your life too! 

You will fully appreciate the saying ‘How you do one thing, is how you do everything!’

So if you’re ready to join me on this adventure of Health and Happiness – Let’s begin!


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