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If you would like to improve your relationship with your food, enhancing your body, mind, heart & soul, creating feelings of health, vibrancy & fulfillment and a life that makes your heart sing…

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Redefining Your Food Rules

Food choices should not be about following someone else’s rules, but based on timeless principles tailored just for you, your tastes and your desires.

Let me show you how to discover your unique personal food-style, based on how you want to feel, and how you want to show up in the world.
All while making the most of the food you love and the equipment you already own.

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It’s Your Time to SHINE!

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Are you ready to SHINE? is a discovery workbook for people looking to improve their health and vibrancy and experience a high-vibe life.

On the surface? It’s about good food and taking care of your body.

But really? It’s about changing the way you relate to yourself and learning how to express yourself authentically.

It’s designed for people who intellectually know what they ‘should’ be doing, but who can struggle to to implement the changes they want in order to consistently live a high-vibe life.

By the end of the discovery eBook you will understand how to make the small changes that will make the biggest difference to the quality and vibrancy of your life.

In the eBook you receive:Time to shine

  • The SHINE quiz so you can discover how much daily SHINE! you have in your life right now
  • An easy to follow 7-day plan, that will increase your high-vibe SHINE!
  • Delicious, quick and easy, recipes
  • Daily journal prompts to monitor your progress

And best of all, you’ll have the experience of being supported by Rebecca who has over 15 years experience in energy healing, health and wellness.

Grab your copy now, along with your favourite pen and a green juice and get ready to ignite your SHINE!


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Nut Loaf

Raw Food Recipe: Nuloaf

This nut loaf is a perfect meal for Christmas day, especially when served with my cranberry relish!   Ingredients2 Portabello mushrooms chopped and marinated in ¼ cup of olive oil and a dash of tamari ½ cup of almonds ½ cup of walnuts ¼ cup of pumpkin seeds 1 date 2 Tbsp of ground flax [...]

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Christmas Cake

Raw Food Recipe: Christmas Cake

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a rich, fruity Christmas cake complete with marzipan and icing – brandy is optional! Ingredients for the Cake 1 ½ cups of ground almonds 1 ½ cups of ground cashews ½ cup of chopped dried apricots ½ cup of raisins 2 dates, pitted 4 dried figs Juice of ½ lemon [...]

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A Taste of Christmas SHINE!

Tis the season of Christmas cheer and giving This year I’ve decided to donate all of the money received through the sale of my Christmas recipe eBook to a charity called TreeSisters. I choose this charity because I fully believe in and support their work “TreeSisters are women who recognize the radical importance of starting [...]

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Free Gift

Get your complimentary copy of my latest eBook

Discover what your SHINE! really is… and how to create more of it in your life * * Me: I wish I felt vibrant and full of energy every day Soul: You can, you know what you have to do Sneaky little voice: Urghhh you know it will be too hard and you don’t have [...]

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Pumpkin kale chips

Raw Food Recipe: Spiced Pumpkin Kale Chips

These are just delicious and perfect to make with any leftover pumpkin soup Ingredients Kale For the Seasoning 1 cup of Red Onion pumpkin ½ courgette, peeled ½ carrot 2 Tbsp red onion 1 Tbsp of olive oil ¼ cup of water Fresh or dried chili pepper to taste Salt and pepper to taste Equipment [...]

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