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Welcome to Shine on Raw

Raw: Being in a natural condition. Not processed or refined.

This is about your journey to RECONNECT back to your natural condition of health and happiness. To reconnect to the earth, yourself and your body.

It’s time to wake up energised and excited about the day ahead.

Re-Write Your Food Story

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Starting on the 9th February

FREE 10 day eCourse: Re-Write Your Food Story

If you feel like you’ve tried all sorts of diets and none have worked for you, 
If you’ve yo-yo’ed your way through various eating plans,
If you feel overwhelmed by the, let’s face it – contradictory, advice about what you should and shouldn’t be eating,
Perhaps it’s time to try something different.
Perhaps it’s time to focus on something different.
Perhaps it’s time to Re-Write Your Food Story.

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Enjoying DinnerThis is not a way of eating.
This is not a ‘eat this and don’t eat that’.
You’ll find no cookie cutter approaches here!
Over my 15 year history of working with 1000′s women (and quite a few men), one things for sure: we are all unique.
When I started my complementary therapy practice back in 2000 I quickly learned that even if 10 people came to me with the same symptoms, the reason they developed them and the treatment to rebalance them was as unique as the individual.
Each person came with their own story and their own set of beliefs.
A story so ingrained and entrenched through repetition, through doing what they thought they should – they just never stopped to think if it was still relevant to them.
The Magic Is In The Space
One thing I learnt from practicing yoga is it’s not the postures that bring us the change we desire, it’s the rest in between the postures.
It’s the same here.
Over 10 days we are going to create the space to uncover and unravel the stories and patterns that we have been telling ourselves and playing out over the years.
We are going to dig deep and find gold!
But we’re not dwelling in the past, we are just acknowledging and honouring it, before we enjoy the freedom of moving forward.
I’ll then be sharing some of my most tried and tested energy clearing techniques so you can move forward free of the limiting beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back.
In my clients this is a typical pattern I see:
Mentally: I know I shouldn’t eat another bar of chocolate/doughnut/bag of chips
Energetically: but when I was a little girl and I had done well, I was rewarded with chocolate/doughnut/bag of chips, and I want to recreate that feeling today as I feel like crap.
There is only so long we can fight and struggle forwards using our mental thoughts and will power.
At some point our energy system will ‘ping’ us back and we find ourself eating or binging in a way that we thought we wouldn’t do again.
By removing these energetic ties, it clears the way for us to make more conscious choices, ones that stop us from self-sabotaging, yo-yoing and feelings of guilt.
If you’re ready to try something different then I invite you to join me and other like minded women to Re-Write Your a Food Story!

We start on the 9th February

Come along and prepare to uncover, release and renew

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