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If you would like to improve your relationship with your food, enhancing your body, mind, heart & soul, creating feelings of health, vibrancy & fulfillment and a life that makes your heart sing…

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How would your life be if you felt focussed, vibrant and in harmony with life each and every day?

So many women dream of a life that is in harmony and alignment with their higher nature. They dream of taking time for themselves to really connect with who they are and create their authentic life that will bring them happiness, fulfilment and joy.

However 3 months later they are no further forward towards this desire and the dream remains a dream.

The chances are you recognise this story.

It’s time to step out of this pattern of desire and step up into the life that will support and nourish you on every level of your being. A life that is in alignment with who you really are, a life that makes you come alive and truly SHINE with health, vibrancy and fulfilment! Are you ready? Click here to start connecting to your life that will make you SHINE.

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Ask Rebecca

Ask Rebecca Thursday

In a word No In fact, I never recommend a 100% raw diet for people. However some people decide that 100% is for them. I have spent long periods of time 100% raw, but mainly I eat between 85-95% raw. Let me explain why There can be so much stress, overwhelm and confusion around food, [...]

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Are You Ready to Rise and SHINE!?

Starting on July 14th                                                            Money Back Guarantee There has been much love and work go into this program and I’m confident that you’re going to be [...]

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Recipe Cards

Raw Food Recipe: Free Summer BBQ Recipe cards

    Click here to get your copy: Raw Food BBQ Recipe Cards         As featured in A Taste of Summer Shine! by Rebecca Kane:   Click here to get your copy: Raw Food BBQ Recipe Cards x x

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Are you being tarred with the same brush?

‘You’re not going out with your friends, just to hang out on street corners, you’ll be tarred with the same brush’ These were frequent words I heard from my mum. It made no sense to me, these were my friends. Sure we weren’t really up to much and yes we were hanging around in the [...]

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Muesli Crunch

Here’s How To ‘Get Back On Track’

It’s time for me to get back on track – will you join me? It was great to hear so many of your ‘funny’ food stories and to know that I’m not alone! It looks like I wasn’t the only one who at some point has been so overwhelmed by what was the right thing [...]

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